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Wuxi Medcare(EXANOVO) Instrument Co., Ltd.is one of the leading professional medical devices companies and manufactures. And combines the manufacture, R&D, and trade of medical instruments. We have been engaged in the production and sale of medical devices for more than 40 years.

Our factory which is used to produce medical devices is located in Wuxi, with the total area of 50,000 square meters. If you come to visit our factory, we will be very happy to receive you.(The photo below is a photo of one of our partners.)

Our main products of medical devices are sphygmomanometes,stethoscops,clinical thermometers,disinfection pads, face masks and so on. The quality of all our medical devices has reached several international standards, such as CE, FDA, ISO9001 and ISO13485. We strictly control every step of our medical devices.

Since we have our own factory, we can directly supply medical devices to buyers.The prices of all our products are very suitable and competitive. In addition, we ensure that our products have excellent quality and our after-sales service is perfect. So,these medical devices, which have been sold to Europe, America, Oceania and Asia, have gained wide customers' recognitions. Wuxi Medcare is always committed to building good relationships with our customers.

We will participate in the German Medical Exhibition in November, and we look forward to your visit.

About US

EXANOVO GROUP (under construction) is one of professional suppliers of external diagnostic devices and medical dressings. Our headquarter is located in Rongzhi Building, Wangzhuang Technology Park, New District, Wuxi City. And factory is situated in Zhangjing Industrial... More>>

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Manufacturer : No.42 Xixin Road,Zhangjing Xibei Town Wuxi city 214194 Jiangsu China. (Wuxi Exanovo Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.  )
Tel: +86-510-85311676   +86-510-83791431
Fax: +86-510-85214061

E-mail: sales@wuximed.com